Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ACAA Endowment Fund?

An ACAA Endowment Fund is a permanent and perpetual way to support a cause in the Armenian community. The principal remains intact, and a consistent annual distribution is made to benefit the designated beneficiary cause or organization.

What are some examples of existing ACAA Endowment Funds or causes I could potentially support?

There are several existing ACAA endowment funds which provide general support to the ACAA organization and others which are earmarked for specific beneficiaries such as the Hairenik and Armenian Weekly publications and websites. New endowments could support a wide variety of causes, such as a focus on cultural activities, youth programing, scholarships, media, archive documentation, and development projects in the United States or Armenia.

What is a Parked Fund within the ACAA Endowment Fund?

Several community organizations have “parked” their funds with the ACAA Endowment Fund to be managed and invested in a similar way to the Endowed Funds. The contributing organizations can take advantage of the management capabilities and cost advantages and breakpoints of investing through the ACAA Endowment Fund.

Do organizations establishing a Parked Fund retain access to these funds?

Yes. The funds can be withdrawn in whole or in part by the contributing organization.

How much is need to establish a Parked Fund?

A parked fund can be established with as little as $10,000.

How much is needed to establish an ACAA Endowment Fund?

A named Endowment Fund with ACAA can be established with a $100,000 contribution in cash or assets.

Can funds be added to an established Endowment Fund?

Yes. After an endowment funds is established, additional funds can be added to further the mission of the fund.

How are Endowment Funds and Parked Funds managed?

The ACAA Endowment Fund committee is managed by experienced members and leaders from the Armenian community. Their focus is to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to carry out the will of the donor(s) as specified in the Endowment Fund or Parked Fund Trust Documents. They invest the funds in a professionally managed and well diversified portfolio, with the goal of providing consistent returns over time.

For all inquiries or questions related to performance, investment opportunities, and information, please contact
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