On December 28, the delegation of the Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA) Eastern Region Artsakh Fund arrived in the capital of the Republic of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

A meeting was organized by the staff of the Artsakh Fund office at the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) center in Stepanakert with the families of martyrs of the Artsakh War. In a cordial and significant setting, the Artsakh Fund representatives expressed their deepest condolences in light of the great loss and affirmed that the loss of their heroes was the loss of the entire nation. The relatives told stories about the horrors of the war and about their heroic martyrs.

At the end of their visit, the Artsakh Fund representatives distributed financial support to the relatives of 20 martyrs, as a contribution to alleviate their social and economic difficulties.

During a brief interview with the “Aparaj” newspaper, Khajag Mgrdichian explained that, “it is the responsibility of the government in general to alleviate the social and economic consequences of the war. Yet we know that state resources are limited, and so charitable organizations like us, to the best of their abilities, take a part of it on their shoulders in order to help mitigate the difficulties of our compatriots in Artsakh. The Artsakh Fund is determined to always stand by Artsakh, and the assistance provided during this visit will not be the last.”