As part of its ongoing assistance program in Artsakh, a second delegation from the Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA) Artsakh Fund headed from Yerevan to Stepanakert on December 27.

On the road to Stepanakert, the delegation met with Andranik Chavushyan, the head of the Aghavno community in the Kashatagh region, in Goris. Chavushyan had told Artsakh Fund members about the determination of the residents and their needs.

That same day, Artsakh Fund representatives arrived in Aghavno, bringing with them an adequate supply of household items and food, as well as clothes collected in New Jersey and New York, which were to be distributed among families in the community.

The mayor of Aghavno welcomed the delegation, who stayed overnight, with great hospitality. At night, they became acquainted with the construction of the local school and municipality building, expressing their readiness to support renovation efforts.

On December 30, the Artsakh Fund delegation returned from Stepanakert to Aghavno to celebrate the new year with the local residents and share some joy with the children in the clutches of the war. The resilience of the children and the care shown toward residents by the mayor and his wife were impressive, as was a Christmas tree decorated with pictures of martyrs from the war.

In Aghavno, the Artsakh Fund representatives witnessed the will of the people to remain on the land, the hopeful smiles of the children and the caring and sincere relations among the community, all of which oblige each Armenian to stand by them and support their struggle.