In late 2014, the ACAA received a bequest from the Albert & Queenie Bagian Estate in the amount of Eight Hundred Six Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-Six Dollars and 79/100 ($806,436.79) and by stipulation of the will, from this amount Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) was to be deposited directly into the ACAA Hairenik Endowment Fund. Albert Bagian had been in continuing contact with the ACAA Trustees and believed in the Administrative Management policies of the ACAA Administration Albert Bagian was consulted and advised in many aspects of the ACAA Endowment Fund. His personal communication and leadership of the ACAA and its parent organization are well known in the Armenian Community worldwide. He was in leadership of the ACAA for many years and encouraged a modern approach of financial and fiduciary responsibility. His guidance was most instrumental in the success of the ACAA Endowment Funds.