On March 17, 2003, Alice K. Sachaklian executed the final document for the establishment of the Sachaklian Armenian Review Fund. Mrs. Sachaklian had been in negotiation with her attorney and Bedros C. Bandazian, the Managing Trustee to create this fund for the benefit of publication of the Armenian Review which was of special interest to both Harry and Alice. With this final agreement fully executed, Mrs. Alice K. Sachaklian gave the ACAA Endowment Fund a sum of $250,000 to assist in the continuation of the Armenian Review. The Trust Agreement was specific as to its intent but agreed to comply with the policy and conditions of the ACAA Endowment Fund in its administrative rules. The earned funds are forwarded to the ACAA Home Office for its intended use as designated by the Donor. The ACAA is entitled to 25% of the Earned Income for its administrative expenses and operation.